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LOA Advogados Associados is a multi-disciplinary law firm underpinned on the vast local and international experience of its Managing Partner, Mr. Leopoldo de Amaral, who has been on this industry for more than 20 years, making it easy and possible to successfully meet the goals and challenges and satisfy the requests of its national and international clients.


We are commercial law firm. We understand business and law. With our business acumen we help our clients achieve their commercial goals in any economic sector. We strive to provide bespoke quality legal services, which combine local knowledge with international best practice. Our clients include multinational and national corporations, including leading power, mining and oil and gas companies as well as other foreign investors, international banks and many diplomatic missions and international NGOs.

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Mozambique: New Covid-19 Restrictions Measures in Force as from 27 April 2021 Below please find the gist of the new Covid-19 restrictions measures in force as of 27 of April 2021 in Mozambique:

  1. Any person arriving in Mozambique from 27 April 2021 to 27 May 2021 shall present a negative PCR issued in the last 72 hours. He or she shall be subject to a mandatory quarantine if his or her PCR test is positive on arrival;

  2. Wearing face mask in public spaces is compulsory;

  3. The PCR test is valid for 14 days from the date the samples are collected for any citizen which requires multiple entry into Mozambique or going on short trip to other countries;

  4. Minors from 0 to 11 years are exempted from going through or present a PCR test on arrival in Mozambique;

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Pemba and Palma Port and Logistic Terminals’ Concession Terms Reviewed

The Council of Minister (the Government of Mozambique) approved on 30 March 2021 a Decree that review the terms of the Pemba and Palma Port and Logistics Terminals.

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