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In this section we highlight some of the projects we have been involved, either representing the sponsors, developers or the lenders.
Moatize Coal Project

Negotiation of contractual, financing agreements and licensing largest coal mining project in Mozambique; Overall legal services.

Client: Sponsors

Reported Cost: USD 1,2 Billion



Balama graphite project

Negotiated the contractual arrangement, the financing and commissioning of the Balama graphite project in Mozambique, the largest integrated natural graphite mine and processing plant globally as measured by annual flake concentrate production capacity. Commissioned in 2017.

Client: The Sponsor and Operator

Reported Cost: USD250 million


Largest Rubies Mining Project

Overall corporate, licensing and compliance matters for the largest precious stones and rubies mining company in Southern Africa.

Client: Investors

Reported Cost: N/A



Nacala Corridor

Assist a large Japanese company to invest in acquiring a participation interest in a ore transportation dedicated rail and port infrastructure in Mozambique.

Client: A largest conglomerate Japanese company

Reported Cost: USD200 million​


Revuboe Mining Project

Advice and assistance in licensing process of a development of in situ coal resource estimate is 1,580 Mt.

Client: Sponsors

Reported Cost: USD555 million

Mineral Sands Project

Assist an Australian conglomerate company in the licensing of a mineral sands project in the south of Mozambique.

Client: Sponsors

Reported Cost: N/A

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