Power Legislation

Below please find some of the relevant legislation governing the electricity/power sector in Mozambique.
Electricity Law


This is the overall legislation governing the power sector in Mozambique, including hydro, coal, fuel and renewable. It provides the overall granting of rights and licensing requirements.



Concession Awarding Regulation

This regulation establish the legal powers and procedures for the granting, control and termination of production, transportation, distribution and trading of electricity concessions, as well as for import and export.

Electric Installations Licensing Regulation


This regulation set the rules on the awarding of licenses for the establishment and exploitation of installation aimed at production, transport, transformation, distribution and use of electric power for any purpose in Mozambique.

Regulation on Tariff Regime for Renewable Energy

This regulation is the first that govern the renewable energy by establishing the tariff regime applicable to the sector.

Electricity Law Regulation


This regulation establish norms governing the planning, financing, construction, owning, maintenance and operation of production installation, transport, distribution and trading of electricity, as well as rules and procedures regarding the management, operation and development of the global National Grid for the transportation of electricity.

Renewable Energy Policy

​This soft law establishes the principle for the development of new and renewable energies in Mozambique. It guides the adoption of legislation that will governing new and renewable energies.